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  • EE Ferrite Core

    EE Ferrite Core

    Type of EE core has a large space of wire-wrapping and it is easy for winding and wiring. It can be used in a wide range of application. The core has some...

  • EI Ferrite Core

    EI Ferrite Core

    Type of EI core has some advantages, such as a compact structure, a small volume, a large space of wire wrapping, high working efficiency and a wide range...

  • EFD Ferrite Core

    EFD Ferrite Core

    EFD magnetic core has the advantages of low thermal resistance, low loss, high power, wide working frequency, light weight of finished products, reasonable...

  • P Ferrite Core

    P Ferrite Core

    Type of P core has small magnetic leakage, low loss, large power, strong anti-interference ability and excellent shielding effect. It can be designed for...

  • RM Ferrite Core

    RM Ferrite Core

    Type of RM magnetic core product has complex structure, good shielding effect, strong anti-interference ability, small magnetic leakage, and low distributed...

  • T Ferrite Core

    T Ferrite Core

    The effective magnetic permeability of T type core is high. The core has the advantages of high inductance, low price, large output current, small loss and...


About Huayuan Electronic

Tongxiang Huayuan Electronic Co., LTD. (THEL) was founded in August 2012. Our company focused on development , production , and service of high performance magnetic materials and electronic components . Our company has an excellent development team, bell kiln and other advanced production equipment . Our company has good quality management system .We have passed ISO9001:2008 accreditations.

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